Distribution and Lifecycle Management for Cloud-Native Applications

Timoni brings CUE's type safety, code generation, and data validation features to Kubernetes, making the experience of crafting complex deployments into a pleasant journey.

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Feature-rich package manager

  • App definition

    Timoni enables software vendors to define complex application deployments packaged as Modules using type-safe Kubernetes templates and rich customisation options for end-users.

  • App distribution

    The app configuration contained in a Timoni Module is distributed as an OCI artifact, next to the app container images. The modules are semantically versioned and cryptographically signed.

  • App lifecycle

    With Bundles, users can manage the whole lifecycle of applications deployed on Kubernetes. From highly customised installation to seamless upgrades, end-to-end testing, safe rollback and uninstallation.

  • App composition

    With Timoni, users can bundle microservices and distributed monoliths into a deployable unit. The Bundle Runtime API offers a declarative way of managing the app delivery across environments.

  • Kubernetes CRD support

    With Timoni, users can manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes controllers, including the upgrade of CRDs. Module authors can import CRD schemas from YAML files and incorporate custom resources in their modules.

  • Drift detection and correction

    For apps managed by Timoni, users can review the cluster state diff before an upgrade. When correcting drift, Timoni waits for the changes to roll out are reports back the application health status.