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Kubernetes Version Constraints

At apply-time, Timoni reads the Kubernetes version from the live cluster and sets the version string as the value of the kubeVersion field in the module's #Config definition.

With the timoniv1.#SemVer helper, you can parse the Kubernetes version string to extract the major and minor version numbers.

#Config: {
    kubeVersion!: string
    clusterVersion: timoniv1.#SemVer & {
        #Version: kubeVersion
        #Minimum: "0.0.0"

Enforcing a minimum supported version

To enforce a minimum supported version for your module, set a constraint for the minor version e.g. #Minimum: "1.20.0".

To test the constraint, you can use the TIMONI_KUBE_VERSION env var with timoni mod vet and timoni build.

$ TIMONI_KUBE_VERSION=1.19.0 timoni mod vet
validation failed: clusterVersion.minor: invalid value 19 (out of bound >=20)

Conditionally enabling features based on cluster version

You can use the clusterVersion.minor value to conditionally apply certain Kubernetes resources based on the cluster version.

For example, the FlowSchema v1 API was introduced in Kubernetes 1.29. To apply this resource only on clusters running Kubernetes 1.19 or newer, you can use the following condition in your module's #Instance definition:

#Instance: {
    config: #Config

    if config.clusterVersion.minor >= 29 {
        objects: flowSchema: #FlowSchema & {#config: config}