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Bundle Distribution

Bundles and their Runtimes can be distributed as Open Container Initiative (OCI) artifacts.

Artifact format

The OCI artifacts produced with timoni artifact push have the following media types:

  • Image media type application/vnd.oci.image.manifest.v1+json
  • Config media type application/vnd.timoni.config.v1+json
  • Layer media type application/vnd.timoni.content.v1.tar+gzip

The artifacts are annotated with OCI standard annotations:

  • org.opencontainers.image.source: <GIT URL>
  • org.opencontainers.image.revision: <GIT COMMIT SHA>
  • org.opencontainers.image.created: <GIT COMMIT DATE>

To enable reproducible builds, Timoni tries to determine the source, revision and created date from the Git metadata.

Publishing bundles to container registries

Timoni offers a command for publishing bundles, by packaging a local directory as an OCI artifact and pushing the artifact to a container registry.

When publishing bundles with timoni artifact push you can:

  • specify a local directory contain any number of files and subdirectories using the -f flag
  • choose a versioning scheme for your bundles using the --tag flag
  • attach custom metadata such as licenses, Git source and documentation links using the --annotation flag
  • sign the artifact using either with a Cosign static key or Cosign keyless using the --sign flag

Push and sign example

Login to the container registry:

echo $DOCKER_TOKEN | timoni registry login -u timoni --password-stdin

Generate a cosign key pair:

cosign generate-key-pair

Export the cosign private key password with:

export COSIGN_PASSWORD=<your password>

Publish and sign an artifact containing bundles and runtimes files:

timoni artifact push oci:// \
  -f ./my-app/bundles/ \
  --sign=cosign \
  --cosign-key=cosign.key \
  --tag=1.0.0 \
  --tag=latest \
  --annotation='org.opencontainers.image.licenses=Apache-2.0' \
  --annotation='org.opencontainers.image.documentation=' \

Add extra tags to the artifact with:

timoni artifact tag oci:// \
  --tag=1.0 \

Using bundles from container registries

Timoni offers commands for listing, verifying and extracting bundles and any other files from OCI artifacts stored in container registries.

List, pull and apply example

If the artifact is stored in a private registry, login with:

echo $DOCKER_TOKEN | timoni registry login -u timoni --password-stdin

List all the artifact's tags and digest with timoni artifact list:

timoni artifact list oci://

Verify the signature and download a specific artifact tag with timoni artifact pull:

timoni artifact pull oci:// \
  --verify cosign \
  --cosign-key \
  --output .

If the artifact was signed using Cosign keyless, you can verify it with:

timoni artifact pull oci:// \
  --verify cosign \
  --certificate-identity-regexp="^*$" \

The above command will extract all the files from the remote artifact into the current directory.

Deploy the app from a bundle and runtime with timoni bundle apply:

timoni bundle apply \
  -f app.bundle.cue \
  --runtime app.runtime.cue \
  --kube-context my-test-cluster